Thank you for visiting my website. Though judicial campaigns seldom make headlines, it is more important than ever to elect good judges. Judges are responsible for protecting ALL our constitutional rights—and judges can be the last line of defense for upholding these rights in a democracy.

I have over 32 years of legal experience, and have served as a judge hearing both civil and criminal cases. My diverse experience includes civil and criminal cases—both plaintiff and defendant, federal and state, prosecution and defense, private and government practice, teaching law school, testifying as an expert witness, and serving as an Assistant United States Attorney.

I am fortunate to live in the wonderfully diverse 8th judicial subcircuit of Cook County, which stretches from Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood in the north to its Bronzeville neighborhood on the south side. I hope you will take the time to learn about my background and that I can earn your vote for judge in the March 20, 2018 Democratic Primary.

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James Shapiro with his (from right to left) daughter, Allison, son, Kevin, and Allison's boyfriend, Matt Coleman.

“As a practitioner, he has had substantial litigation experience in both civil and criminal law matters, and in both trial and appellate court matters. He received praise from practitioners for his legal ability and for his diligence both as a practitioner and as a judge. He is also reported to have a professional demeanor in both capacities.”
-The Chicago Council of Lawyers